Sweet Goodbye originated from a deep love and respect for all animals, but especially our adored pets that constantly give and make our lives so much more joyful and fulfilled. But when these family members approach the end of their lives, it’s difficult to even think about the inevitable.

The lack of practical and emotional support available to pet parents during that ‘end of life transition’, made no sense to me or to anyone else with whom I discussed the issue.  And then when we considered how challenging this experience must be on a daily basis for the Veterinary staff and Pet Carers who often support us through these difficult times, we realised how important it is for everyone to have better ways of coping.

While an increasing number of pet parents all over the world can now choose from our flagship Sweet Goodbye COCOON® and Sweet Goodbye CLOUD® range to farewell their pets with love and dignity, we felt compassionate Vets faced with regularly having to euthanize pets, should have a version that helps not only their clients, but them as well - a solution they can have on hand to improve the end of life services they provide and better manage this difficult experience.    

So we sought feedback at conferences and from staff in palliative and hospice pet care as well as from home euthanasia specialists, and we developed a simpler, reusable product that provides real support for pet parents and professionals alike.  Enter the CARE CRADLE®.

These specialists told us that a level of ceremony was very beneficial in helping during the euthanasia process and with closure, but needed to be combined with attractive, respectful coverings, moisture management and reliable carrying capability to ensure dignity for the pet plus a duty of care by vet staff and safe portability

The ultimate aim was to replace undesirable plastic bags and pet body bags, or old towels and sheets currently used by many clinics for the purpose of wrapping, removing and transporting euthanized pets from their homes or clinics to cremation or burial, with a cost effective and ‘fit for purpose’ unit.

The CARE CRADLE® has become a ‘Game Changer’ for Vets. It’s described as an eco-friendly Pet Body Wrap & Transport Kit that helps vet staff provide pet parents with peace of mind and improves their own experience due to the respect and dignity pets receive when they pass away.

Caring vet staff can now use the Sweet Goodbye CARE CRADLE® as part of their service… and we can guarantee that our high quality products make a positive difference to everyone involved.

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